How the Commodore VIC-20 changed the game

the original personal computerMany people think that is was Apple or IBM that changed the way we use computers but having lived through I remember things perhaps a little bit differently than most. It is true that these other companies may have paved the way for other companies like Atari, Commodore, Timex Sinclair, Compaq or even Tandy to offer cheaper alternatives, however; the two most popular entry points when I was a kid were thanks to Commodore and Tandy. Of the two the Commodore jump onto the scene with what would now be considered a laughable calculator connected to the TV. Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy relief in Mastic Beach NY part 2

Since the response to the last post was, well beyond overwhelming I have decided to add some more photos from the work we did this past weekend in Mastic Beach, NY. Most of these show our team at work in the field and in light of the tragic consequences some are even comical.

First thing in the morning we were assigned to the Red Cross warehouse in Bohemia, NY where we helped load all of the trucks that were needed to respond to the four disaster zones.

Lori and Brittany King in the warehouse

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Hurricane Sandy relief in Mastic Beach NY

Today my wife Lori, daughter Brittany and I volunteered with the Red Cross to help with the Hurricane sandy relief effort on Long Island. Through some sheer dumb luck we ended up arriving a bit late and were drafted to help out at their warehouse in Bohemia, NY. We loaded several trucks with supplies for the 4 zones in Suffolk County that we would be servicing today.

  • Hauppauge
  • Babylon
  • Riverhead
  • Mastic Beach

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The Moon Tarot Spread

I designed this spread after an intense period of meditation. Originally, I wanted a clear method of evaluating two people because I had personal relationships in mind. However I have grown to believe that this is an ideal spread for evaluating just about any two choices. The basic layout (as displayed below) uses 24 cards, however; you can always add three more to any area for clarification. Although it may look rather complex it is in fact an extremely simple spread, which lends to its’ flexibility.

tarot card layout

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Extraordinary circumstances make extraordinary people

Original Ambrose Light Station, a Texas Tower ...

August 31st, 1993 is the date of the kind of event that leaves an indelible mark on your life. While serving in the US Coast Guard I was assigned as the team leader on Ambrose Light Tower. This was one of a handful of  uniquely constructed lighthouses known as a Texas Tower. My responsibilities included all aspects managing the maintenance of this light station and all personnel on board as well as a detailed journal of the site visits.

What is particularly unsettling about that day is that the helicopter (a USCG HH65) ferrying the second crew to the tower missed the platform by what was later determined to be inches. All of the subsequent events were just a series of miraculous coincidences that added up the avoidance of a total disaster. The light tower was recently refueled and contained approximately 12,000 gallons of diesel fuel for running the generators. These gensets  provided the AC power to support the high lumen light signal as well as all of the tower’s computer systems, radio beacon and sound signals.

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Contact solutions

Sometimes it’s just easier to craft a single page to collect all of ones’ contact information in one place. So to make life easier I am doing just that in order of precedence these are the best social media connectors for me besides this website or the ones where I am actively involved in editing. As I discover/remember more I shall add them here.

Site URL Title Description g+:Mikel King Mikel King on google plus @Mikel King Mikel King’s twitter page in::Mikel King Mikel King on LinkedIn. &:MikelKing Mikel King on Etsy Huffington Post Mikel King on HuffPost BSD News Network Home of the BSD News project. You will find news content related to the entire family of the BSD operating systems. blog::Just another frakkin day in paridise JAFDIP is a blog community with content on various topics from tech to social media. fb:Mikel King Mikel King on Facebook. (e)Mikel King Mikel King on Empire Avenue. q:Mikel King Mikel King on Quora. about:Mikel King about Mikel King

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